Why I Blog

I needed an outlet, a place where I didn't feel the need to be perfect.  A place where I could express myself in my own way.  The pressure to be perfect is everywhere and it's painful, isn't it?  I created this blog for myself, but also for others to see that it's okay to make mistakes, to try really hard and fail, to put a lot of effort into something and it not work out the first time.

I really enjoy cooking, baking, and being creative.  I am still learning everyday, and I love it!  Please join me on my journey.  There are bumps along the way, but the ending is always delicious!

About Us

Brett and I live in a little apartment in Bountiful, Utah.  Brett is a huge support to me and always encourages me to pursue my goals and chase my dreams.  We enjoy trying new restaurants, visiting new places, and just being at home together.

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